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Owned by David Mucci and Stephanie Mucci, Spookadar is a fun website that helps you find spooky places in your area.  We also have an Oddities Store and Escape Room in Modesto, CA. 

For 19 years, Stephanie has worked as an Embalmer and Funeral director. She embalms, mentors, and whips these funeral homes into shape.  When she isn’t working hard on her career she devotes every minute to Spookadar with customer service, social networking and of course brainstorming.

David Mucci is an entrepreneur, fine artist and Halloween fanatic. After having a few brick and mortar businesses, he began to focus on online horror sites in 2008. was born in 2015 and the brick and mortar “Spookadar” in Modesto, CA. opened in May, 2016.

We pride ourselves on making sure everyone who walks through the doors smiles and has a great experience. Spookadar wouldn’t be possible without your help. Browse the website, leave comments and visit our Modesto Escape Room and Oddities Store.  If you know of any haunted locations, cryptid monster, or UFO sightings, tell us about it and share your story.

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