Spookadar helps you discover and locate “spooky” locations. If you visit a location, please do it responsibly.


Spookadar.com (“site”) is intended as entertainment. Listings, stories, tales, and accounts of specific places, locations, people, and events are user submitted. Although Spookadar does it’s best to authenticate and offer factual data, many of the listings, stories, and info cannot be confirmed and the authors or contributors make no representation as to the factual accuracy. Listing are submitted as “stories, tales, and urban legends” and shouldn’t be viewed as a historical record and are for entertainment purposes only.

Visiting locations

Spookadar strongly urges people not to visit any location without appropriate permission. Many locations listed on the site are considered private property and don’t allow trespassing. Property, privacy and local laws should be respected at all times.  Rules and regulations regarding trespassing, hours of operation, and other regulations should always be obeyed.

If you are the owner or have a relation to one of the listings on site and would like it to be removed, please contact us and we’ll gladly remedy the situation to the best of our ability.