It was October of 2015 when I happen to run across an article about an old historic hotel in Trail, Oregon that was for sale. Two stories of 5088 square foot, 10 bed, 5 bath hotel sitting on 4 acres of property for under $200,000 had my mind blown already. But as I looked at the photos of the majestic building I immediately started to fall in love. With stars in my eyes I couldn’t help but dig into the history of the property.

Rogue Elk Hotel Trail, Oregon Exterior, Haunted Doll

Built in 1914, it was once a landmark destination housing guests like Zane Grey, Clark Gable and Herbert Hoover, & many more. Luckily, it didn’t take long for my husband and I to convince ourselves to take the 8 hour drive to take a look for ourselves.

About 30 miles from Medford, nestled neatly along the Rogue River and surrounded by the beautiful Oregon mountains, there she was … the Rouge Elk Hotel. And if the outside wasn’t enough for our hearts to skip a beat, the inside hid the biggest secrets of them all.

Interior of historic hotel. Rogue Elk Hotel, Trail, Oregon. Haunted Hotel

Beautiful hard wood, large dance halls and living rooms with massive 90 ton fire places made of native rocks, tall ceilings with chandlers with left over furniture and photos scattered about the hotel. It was enough to take your breath away.

However, we weren’t there just to enjoy the view. We were actually quite interested the possibility of purchasing the hotel. So, we spent a great deal of time speaking with the realtor, locals and examining the structure and property. If it’s one thing all the locals would agree on is that the hotel is home of many spirits. I don’t think there was one person we spoke to that didn’t believe it was haunted.

Old photos Rogue Elk Hotel. Trail, Oregon Haunted Hotel

Stories of ghostly apparitions and other strange happenings on the property were not difficult to come across. Fortunately, it only made my husband and I all the more curious. It wasn’t until much later that we would become believers ourselves.

Inside the haunted Rogue Elk Hotel Trail, Oregon
My husband decided to inspect under the building when he came across a rather particular object. On old naked doll with sharp looking teeth. It was too strange of a find of us to just cast aside so we decided to take her home.

haunted doll of Rogue Elk Hotel in Trail, Oregon

For some odd reason were ever we placed her in our home she seemed to fall onto the floor along with anything that might be around her. Even though we moved her several times these incidences didn’t seem to stop until we purchased a display case for her. At times, she even emitted a strange glow.

Real haunted doll from historic Hotel Rogue Elk, Trail, Oregon

Sadly, we were unable to purchase the Rouge Elk. But to this day we think of the hotel fondly and hope that perhaps someday, someone will have enough love for her to rebuild it to its original glory. And like a friendly reminder, the old doll remains in her locked display case grinning to us wither her creepy smile.
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  1. i’ll have Alicia Marie look at the doll and see if it is the one her grandmother Janet Haselden gave her so long ago. Per Rogue Elk being haunted I would say it is called unloved. Our family did not sign nor agree to the sale. The sale was family feud of blackmail. Girls had need molested and raped by Charles Haselden in the area and while out on bail my daughter became another victim. His sister and him after he plead bargained then moved to Hawaii and had themselves appointed as executor of Janet and Joe’s estate. neither would see a dime from the forced liquidation and we would loose our beloved Rogue Elk. However we will return one day, the children swear to recover their home. If there is a ghost there, it would be Janet, she had sworn she never leave, day she die would be when the hands turned over to the children. Either way the new party who was friends of the sister, the woman, she had horrific hate for the old sight, possibly because she was from the time when Charles had raped many of the young girls there on the Upper Rogue… maybe victim as well… I have no clue. I still remember watching from the river front which I still own her having some guys over who were having a quad contest, yes, who could go faster around the decks and in and out of the building… the poor poor old girl… love was gone.. and the new party was there to party… and rip her from limb to limb. They started with the old cafe Joe and Janet and my husband Robert had built… ripped off the side… than ravished the insides… it is literally destroyed. Then ripped down the well house and exposed the well which is still left exposed with a tire on it to this day. The balance is history, let the old girl sit unloved… to what you see today. – Very sad. But the doll… if it is the one I am thinking of… my Alicia will know… – Sincerely Tammy Lee Haselden … last of the owners that loved and was party to the restoration of the old inn from 1991 until the day … court forced sale … as said I never signed … Rogue Elk was stolen from our family because I refused to not testify, do the right thing, make sure a rapist… went to prison!

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