Who doesn’t like a good getaway at a nice hotel? Well, what if it’s a haunted hotel and the ‘famous ghost’ likes to frequent your room! Now, you have yourself an adventure. Check out these 5 haunted hotels in the Portland, Oregon are. Staying at these historic hotels is sure to send chills down your spine.

5. McMenamins Edgefield


Built in 1911 as the county poor farm, the Edgefield Hotel is located in Troutdale, Oregon. The name ‘Poor Farm’ is from it’s former days when the building was a place where the sick and homeless could live for free and find jobs. Ever since it’s restoration in the 1990’s there has been claims of paranormal activity. Guest have reported seeing full body apparitions, hearing disembodied voices coming from the old infirmary wing.. There has even been sightings of a ghost dog.

4. Benson Hotel


A man by the name of Simon Benson had this elegant hotel construct in 1913. Since then, not only has the hotel grown in size, reports of ghost sightings have also increased. Among the many ghost that inhabit this haunted hotel, the most noticeable is the spirit of Simon Benson himself. He is often seen wearing a suit and is know to knock over peoples drinks and give a disapproving look to patrons drinking in this bar.

3. Shilo Inn & Suites


The Shilo Inn Hotel & Suites first opened in 1964. If you are visiting the Portland, Oregon area and looking for a hotel to go ghost hunting in, this is the place. Based on several reports, most of the hauntings occur in the Canyon Room and the sports den. People have seen furniture move on it’s own and lights turn on in the middle of the night without assistance. One guest says when he was in the pool he had the sensation of someone trying to pull him under and nobody was nearby.

2. White Eagle Saloon & Hotel


Since 1905 the White Eagle has been serving drinks and booking rooms. A former bartender and cook named Sam Warrick, died in his room near the end of WWII. His ghost is said to still roam around the hotel and frequent the bar. Recently, one guest claims she and her boyfriend woke up when it felt as if something, or someone, was kicking the bottom of the bed. After waking up, they felt as if “something was in the room with them” and also noticed the water running in the sink.

1. The Heathman Hotel


A hotel haunted by a ghost of a woman who committed suicide by jumping out a window of this 10-story hotel. Yes, this is the one. The Heathman Hotel in Portland, Oregon was built back in 1927. The story goes that the woman who jumped haunts every room that she passed on her way down, rooms that end with 03. Especially rooms 703, 803, 1003. There have also been other ghost sightings, such a a man running out of a closet, but did not appear on security cameras.

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