Just west of Medford and about 20 minutes across the California border is the city of Jacksonville, Oregon. The residents of this slow paced town embrace the arts, culture and their past. This includes the numerous historic, haunted places you’ll find in this quaint town of 3,000 people.
scary haunted town Jacksonville, Oregon

The town may be small, but it has at least 4 haunted location. Three of them being haunted hotels you can spend the night at. There is the Jacksonville Inn, One of the towns first buildings to be added to the National Historic Registry. Supposedly there is an apparition of a very elderly lady who roams the halls.

Take a stroll through Jacksonville’s old haunted cemetery, dating back to 1859. The cemetery has 6,000-plus people buried on the 30-acre historic site.
historic haunted cemetery Jacksonville, OregonPeople have experienced unexplained cold spots and captured orbs in photos.

It’s obvious the town has a rich history, which is often accompanied by many legends and ghost stories. Jacksonville celebrates and shares these scary ghost stories every Halloween with their Haunted Trolley Tour. This light-hearted, spooky event is put on by the cities Chamber of Commerce as a way to share some of the “haunted stories” about the cities past.
Jacksonville, Oregon Haunted Trolley Halloween
Photo credit and more about Haunted Trolley Tour: http://jacksonvilleoregon.com/haunted-trolley/

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