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  1. last year across the street in crestline ohio at the pinecrest trailor court ,I was lookin across the street on oak st. I saw a being aproxamently 3 ft. tall , it was standing at the front right side of an emty trailor. It had the same size arms and legs aprox.2 inches in diameter, not larger up its length. the head area was around 5 inches in diameter, the chest was around 10 inches including the shoulders, It had what looked like a helmet of blue light that covered about half of its upper face. It kept looking straight ahead twards the east, then down twards its hands, it did this a couple of times then shot off twards the east, then twards the north, then twards the east around the next trailor twards the north from me in 1 second and broke the light behind my neighbors trailor, she had her pourch light was on . So it was trying to get in her back door of her trailor. then one day shortly afterwards the screws on my door were loosened from the inside. I told this to two of my neighbors,they asked me when this occurred I told them two different dates that this occurred, they both informed me that this loosening of the screws occurred at their places on the same dates. then three days later two orangish yellow circles traveling aprox. from over my head to the horizon in 1 second tward the south west, then another appeared at a 2oclock angle for a distance of around 10 inches tward the north west then disappeared, and was the same color and traveling the same speed. the discs or circles of light were aprox,3/4 inch in diameter. my guess is they were here aprox. 3 days, doing what ever there doing, then they left. but they were back several more times because the screws were loosened on my door again. perhapse they do this all the time, and we think its strange only when we catch it on occasion. I thought its speed matched your story,thats why I included my story here for you, there here watch the skys before midnight. some appear out of no where,and disappear. some travel the whole way, some flash at irregular intervals,which excludes iridium satalites.

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